Online Bill Pay

Most of us fall into one of two categories....either we LOVE Bill Pay and use it often, or we don't have enough information to feel comfortable using it. So for those of you who would just like to know a little more, here you are!

  • What does the term "Bill Pay" mean?
    This is a way to pay your bills using your computer. You can pay anyone – your friend, your water bill, your mortgage – you name it. If they are someone who can accept payment by check, then you can pay them with Bill Pay.
  • How do I start using Bill Pay?
    Once you are using online banking, you simply click on the "Pay My Bill" tab. The first time you do so, you will be walked right through the process of enrolling, and get help setting up your first bill.
  • How much does it cost?
    Once you are enrolled for Bill Pay through the process above, you are considered an active user. All you need to do is pay at least one bill per month, and the service is absolutely free to you. However, you do want to pay at least one bill per month, or you will be charged an inactivity fee of $8.00 for that month. (We are happy to provide the service free of charge to our customers, although once you are enrolled we do pay ongoing monthly charges to keep your Bill Pay service activated – so we just wish to be certain that you are active.)
  • Ways to use Bill Pay:
    • Set-up to pay recurring bills automatically.
    • Schedule to pay your bills on the due date and your funds will be debited from your account on that day.
    • Online e-bills from many major billers will notify you when a bill arrives, and can be viewed online or printed as needed.
    • Once a biller is added, all you ever need to do is enter the payment amount and the due date.
    • Unlike automatic payments that are debited to your account from your billers, like insurance payments or mortgages, YOU control when payments are debited to your account and how much
  • See Bill Pay Terms and Conditions for complete details