Business Services

Merchant Processing

Need Merchant Processing services? We've got you covered:

  • Acceptance of all major credit cards
  • Unbundled pricing – no hidden fees
  • 24-Hour settlement of funds
  • 24-7 technical support and help desk
  • View account information online

We would LOVE to compare your current rates. If you haven't "shopped" merchant processors lately, you might be surprised to find that the market is more competitive than ever – which means you could be paying too much. We are not in the business of trying to "sell" you on our merchant services. If you are currently getting a great deal, we'll say so. But if we can do you better, we would like to show you how! Just give us a call!

ACH Electronic Payment System

Those are fancy banking words that simply mean this:

If your business or organization regularly PAYS money to anyone, or needs to COLLECT money from anyone, ACH will make it faster, easier and smarter. And it is all at your fingertips with online banking.

  • Local Homeowners Associations
    We currently have numerous HOA's that have their homeowners sign up for automatic debit of monthly and annual dues. Guess who doesn't have to run to the bank making deposits all month long? That's right...the poor volunteer who signed up as "Treasurer".
  • Payroll for Large and Small Businesses
    Do you already do payroll in-house? Why not send your employees their payroll electronically? It is in their bank account – no matter where they bank – on the morning of pay day. No hassles, no paper checks to lose, and no leaving work to cash or deposit. Pay 5 people, or 500 – it couldn't be easier!
  • Church or Charitable Giving
    Big charities and churches know the answer to this question: If you are trying to obtain a donation of $100 or more, would more people say yes to a $10 monthly automatic debit, or sit down and write you a $100 check on the spot? Local charities and organizations right here in our community use our easy process to collect donations and tything right now. So should you!
  • Commissions or Consignment Based Business?
    Have your sellers sign up for automatic deposit. When you've calculated their monthly payout, simply pop in the figures and send it to them electronically. They know their money will be in their account on the pay date, and you can stop worrying about lost or stolen checks!

ACH Services are offered to businesses only, and require special approval and set-up. We will make it fast and simple, and are even happy to come to your business and walk you through it! Call us anytime if you would like more details.

Remote Deposit

Make deposits right from your office without EVER bringing them to the bank!

Even if you are just a few miles away, sending an employee to the bank daily to make deposits is probably costing you at least a half hour of their otherwise productive time. That equates to 2.5 hours per week – or over one HUNDRED hours per year. Heck, maybe more?

So unless you really need your staff to run to the bank (and pick you up a latte on the way back), why not give us a call and find out how easy Remote Deposit is?