Account to Account Transfers (A2A)

You can now transfer funds to and from your other U.S. financial institutions through our Online Banking service. Just log in to your Online Banking account, go to Bill Pay, and click on the Transfer Money tab. There is a $2 fee to send money to another financial institution. There is no fee for incoming transfers. Transfer funds must be generated FROM a checking account and can be applied TO a savings or checking account.

 Getting Started

To use this feature, you need to first setup an account. We need to know some information about the account at the other financial institution before we are able to use that account. During the account setup process, we verify you have authority to access the other account for your security protection.

  • Simply select Add a New Account, and follow the instructions.
  • Within two days you will be able to verify the test deposits to the other account.

Once you complete this step, the account status will be “verified” and you may make transfers.

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Terms and conditions apply. Transfer amount limits apply. See Bill Pay Terms and Conditions for complete details.