Here are a few extra's you may like with e-Checking!

  • Overdraft Protection Options, with First Year Annual Fee of $20.00 Waived1
  • Online Access to Popmoney – Send Money to Anyone with email or Text Message
  • Online Access to Account to Account (A2A) – Send or Receive Money to/from Your Accounts at Other Banks
  • Free, Unlimited Online Banking with your computer
  • Free First Order of Checks at Account Opening2
  • Free 24-Hour Telephone Banking
  • Free Notary Services
  • Safe Deposit Box – First Year Annual Fee Waived3

e-Checking comes with LOTS of great benefits, but a few restrictions, too. Here are a few important things you should know about e-Checking:

  • No Monthly Service Charge
  • Minimum to Open is $100. After that, No Minimum Balance is Required
  • You can write up to 4 checks per month with e-Checking. If unlimited checkwriting is more to your liking, one of our other accounts will be a better choice for you! Exceeding 4 checks per month will incur an $8.00 fee for that month.
  • Free, unlimited ATM transactions, at our ATM's and Out-of-Network. (You may get a fee from the owner of an out-of-network ATM – but WE won't add any extra charge!)
  • Free e-Statements are required with this account. So you will need email and an internet connection for online banking.
  • Sorry, paper statements are not available with e-Checking. If you simply must have paper statements, please check out our other accounts. We will be happy to mail you paper if you really want it!
  • You will have completely free access to Online Banking service at your fingertips – you just need to sign-up!
  • Once you have access to online banking, you can choose to enroll for online Bill Pay anytime just by clicking on "Pay my Bills". Once enrolled, you will have immediate access to Bill PayPopmoney and Account to Account (A2A)internal and external transfers. If you enroll for these Bill Pay services, just make sure you use any one of them at least once per month, or you will receive an $8 fee that month for non-use. These are pretty AWESOME ways to send people money, move funds between your accounts at different banks, and pay your bills – but if you don't want them and don't enroll for them, you will never get charged for not using them.

1 Credit Qualifications May Apply.
2 First free check order is only for mini-pack ENB custom wallet checks
3 For 3 x 5 Box Size, Subject to Availability

For additional information and terms on our accounts, please request a copy of our Personal Deposit Account Disclosure.