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Wire Service

We take pride in transferring your money quickly and safely.

Sending and Receiving Wires

Wire transfers are the most secure way of sending money locally, nationally, globally. If you plan on sending wires frequently, reach out to one of our bankers and ask to be set up as a pre-authorized wire agreement.

It is important to note, that it is so very important that you know who you are sending money to. The bank cannot stop a wire once it has been sent.  We advise you to READ our wire fraud publication to determine if your transfer of money is legit.



Wire Instructions

To receive a wire transfer to your account, please provide the following information to the individual or business sending the wire.

Domestic (U.S.)
  • Routing ABA Number: 107003861
  • Bank Name: Evergreen National Bank
  • City, State: Evergreen, CO
  • Your Account Number: ENB Account Number
  • Title of Account: ENB Customer Name

To receive a wire transfer from a foreign country, please contact the wire department. International wires generally take up to 2 days; however, they may take as long as 10 days to be received. The originating sender is required to provide their full address when sending the incoming wire.

303-674-2700 ext 1002

Wire Fees

Incoming Wire Fee……………………………..$15.00
Outgoing Wire Fee (Domestic)…………….$20.00
Outgoing Wire Fee (International)……….$45.00

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Please Take the Time to Understand Wire Fraud

You are sending the equivalent of CASH.
Wires cannot be cancelled once sent, or stopped, or recalled.
Wired funds can be withdrawn IMMEDIATELY by the recipient.
The Bank CANNOT reverse your wire.

If you answer YES to any of the following questions, you are AT RISK OF LOSING YOUR MONEY!

Is the destination of your wire a foreign country?
Evergreen National Bank CANNOT recall your money once it has been wired, and may not even be able to TRACE funds once they have left the Country. We are unable to provide you an estimated time or date of receipt, or whether it has been posted to the beneficiary.

Did you receive wiring instructions by email – or UPDATED instructions by email from a person or company you normally wire funds to?
Criminals are targeting email accounts of various parties and using their legitimate-looking company credentials, names, logos and forms to send FALSE bank information and account numbers. Even TITLE COMPANIES have been hacked and had their customer’s sent closing wiring instructions misdirecting funds to a criminal’s account. We strongly advise that you personally CALL the Company to verify that the email was legitimate, to a phone number that you obtain independent of the email!

Are you in a RUSH to send the funds – are you being pressured – is the request urgent – are you being threatened with legal or Government action?

  • If you are overwhelmed or emotional, you could make a decision you will later regret. Talk to a friend, or ask to speak with our Wire Department. Talk to anyone you trust about whether this situation seems legitimate or true.
  • Is the Offer too Good to be True? Is your timeshare really worth 5 times what you paid for it? Can someone fix your credit score for a fee? Could you really win a foreign lottery that you never entered? Would you actually have to PAY to receive a surprise inheritance? If any of these were true, would a FAST wire transfer to a stranger or foreign country be required?
  • Law Enforcement, IRS or Government Officials will NEVER demand payment over the phone or by email or text! Especially when you have been threatened with legal action, or even arrest.
  • Grandkids, nieces, nephews, or other relatives will NOT phone or email out of the blue requesting bail money, emergency car repairs, emergency medical funds or emergency travel expenses to be WIRED! Call your other relatives to find out where those individuals are, and if they are okay.

Are you sending money to the personal account of a stranger?

If you are paying for goods or services sight unseen, from a person you do not know, you could lose your money! THE BANK CANNOT recall your money once wired! If possible, use a payment method that allows you a way to STOP or DISPUTE the charge if you are defrauded.

Were you specifically told NOT TO DISCLOSE the Reason for your Wire to the Bank?

Warning!  STOP!  You may be participating in a wire transaction that is illegal. You should discuss the circumstances of the transaction with a Bank Officer if you have been told to falsify the reason for your wire to the Bank.







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